Will Smith adds another adventurous science fiction thriller to his list of successful films with 'After Earth.' The movie has Will portraying a once absentee father, General Cypher Raige, who joins his son, Kital (Jaden) for a trip from the planet Nova Prime that crash lands them on Earth by accident. At this particular space in time, Earth has been abandoned by humans for over 1000 years and is being ruled by another force. The film shows a well accomplished father and a struggling son, who is trying to walk in his father's footsteps.

The film includes action scenes including all kinds of animals running around, showing their fangs. In the film, Will Smith's character, General Cypher is critically injured from their crash landing. It is up to his son Kital to take some major risks and work with his father to help them get back home. The theme of the film is to 'swallow your emotions to overcome the obstacles you face.' This seems to be a familiar theme for father and son.

In addition to featuring Will and Jaden Smith, After Earth casts Sophie Oconedo as Faia Raige; Zoe Isabella Kravitz as Senshi Raige; Lincoln Lewis as Bo; Sasha Dhawan as Pilot; Chris Geere as Navigator; Isabelle Fuhrman as Rayna; Kristofer Hivju as the Security Chief and David Denman as Private McQuerrie. The story was written by Will Smith.

After Earth is just the newest in a list of science fiction movies featuring Will Smith.  Other top films he has starred in include:
Enemy of the State
The Legend of Bagger Vance
Six Degrees of Separation
Bad Boys
Bad Boys 2
Men in Black
Men in Black II
Men in Black III
Independence Day

In addition to After Earth, in 2013 Smith plans to release several other films. These include 'Winter's Table', 'Hancock 2' and 'I Robot 2.'

Will Smith's films are action packed, adventure films for the most part. One of the key factors in his films are that some of them are a true family affair. Born in West Philadelphia, Smith credits the strong example set by his own parents for how he raises his own children. Smith and his son Jaden played father and son roles in the film 'The Pursuit of Happiness.' He appeared with his daughter Willow in 'I Am Legend.'